Eminent Persons

Albert EkkaName: Albert Ekka(4239746)
Father’s Name: Late Julias Ekka
Wife’s Name: Balamdeena Ekka
Date of Birth: 27 December 1942,
Birth Place: Zari (Chainpur),
District : Gumla (Jharkhand)
Date of Action: 3 December 1971
Place of Action: Gangasagar, Bangladesh
Enrolled: 27 December 1962
During the 1971 Indo-Pak War, the 14 Guards was asked to capture a Pakistani position at Gangasagar, 6� km west of Agartala in the eastern sector. It was a well-fortified position, held in good strength by the enemy. The reduction of this position was considered necessary as it was the key to the capture of Akhaura.
The 14 Guards launched an attack on enemy positions at 0400 hours on 4 December 1971. Lance Naik Ekka went with the left forward company of the battalion in the attack. The assaulting Indian troops were subjected to intense shelling and small arms fire by the enemy.
Lance Naik Ekka observed that an enemy light machine gun was belching deadly fire from a bunker, causing heavy casualties to his company. Unmindful about his personal safety, he charged the enemy bunker, bayoneted two enemy soldiers and silenced the light machine gun. Though seriously injured in this encounter, he continued to fight alongside his comrades with courage, securing bunker after bunker. After battling through a distance of 1� km, when Lance Naik Ekka and his comrades reached the northern end of the objective, an enemy medium machine gun opened up from the second storey of a well-fortified building. It inflicted heavy casualties on the Indian troops and help up their progress.
Once again Lance Naik Ekka, rose to the occasion. Unmindful of his personal safety, he crawled to the building and hurled a grenade into the bunker. One enemy soldier was killed and the other injured. But the medium machine gun could not be silenced. Lance Naik Ekka then scaled the sidewall to enter the bunker. He bayoneted the enemy holding the bunker and silenced the deadly weapon. This saved his company from further casualties and ensured success.
Lance Naik Ekka died of the injuries suffered during this battle. As a result of the fall of Gangasagar, the southern and south-western flanks of Akhaura were exposed and the enemy rear was threatened. Consequently the enemy was forced to vacate Akhaura. Lance Naik Albert Ekka was awarded Pram Vir Chakra, the highest wartime gallantry medal, posthumously, for displaying the conspicuous bravery and determination.

Kartik OraonThe great personality born on 29th October 1924 at Karound Littatoli in Gumla District. Sri Jaira Oraon was your father and Smt. Birsi Oraon was your mother. According to customs of Chhotanagpur you was named Kartik because you born in Kartik month. You got your elementary education at Khorha Jamtoli school. You passed Matric board examination in 1942 in First division from High School Gumla. In 1944 you passed Inter examination from Science College Patna. You got admission at Patna Engineering College in the same year. In 1950 you acquired Degree in Engineering. You worked as Assistant Engineer in P.H.E.D. at Chaibasa and Motihari under Govn. of Bihar. You went to Britain to acquire distinction in Engineering. You achieved a number of Degrees from several Universities and Institutions in the country. Some of Degrees are:-
M.Sc. Engineering , London
S.C. Engineering ,Patna
ARCT Glasgo
M I Struct ,London
MRCI London
MASCE America
CE London
performed jobs at:-
Hinckley Atomic Designer
Atomic Power Department London
Deputy Chief Engineer
Director H.E.C.
Bihar State Small Industries Corporation
State Minister for Aviation and Communication, Govt. of India

The personality of Sri Oraon influenced not only the tribes but also all societies. You was diligent, honest and well experienced Engineer as well as a Politician. H.E.C. Hatia, your great achievement, is live picture of prosperous India. Your achievement is great in prospering the culture, civilization and language bringing all tribes at a platform through AKHIL BHARTIYA ADIWASI VIKAS PARISAD.
This great personality demised on 8th December 1981 in New Delhi.

Buctor SaiRaidih is situated at 3 KM East of Patratoli where ruins of the fort of NAWAGARH state is located and where the greatest freedom fighters Sri BUCTOR SAI and Sri MOONDAL SAI (cast Raoutia ) born. Both proved iron-gram for the English and they never accepted their slavery. Both were great sons of our country. Pictures and other evidences are preserved at Victoria Memorial Museum Kolkata. Their historical activities are as below:-

6.2.1812. Letter from Capt.R.Higoott to W.M. Fleming Magt. Rampur, relative to his detaching a party under the command of an European officer to Nawagarh in Chota Nagpur to give the Raja possession.
11.2.1812 Letter from Higoot to Lt.Col.G.H.Fagan Adjt. Genl. acquainting that a detachment under Lt.O.Donel commenced its march-towards Nawagarh in Chota Nagpur that mourning for the purpose of acorehending the Jagheerdar of that alonce in the murder of Heera Ram Late Gomosta in the service of the Zameendar of Chota Nagpur .
Moondal Singh23.2.1812 Letter from Higoot to W.M.Fleming relative to the turbulent conduct and the depredations caused by Moondal Singh of Jauno in Pehar Panari.
26.2.1812 Letter from Higoot to Lt. Col. Fagan acquainting the arrival of andetahment at Nawadee, about 9 coss from Nawagur on the 19th inst. for the purpose od attaching the zageerdar of Nowagur.
1.3.1812 Letter from Higgott to Lt.O.Deonel transmitting instrctions relative to the Mily opertions against Buctour sah, the zageerdar of Nowagur.
5.3.1812 Letter from Higgot to W.M.Fleming enclosing a letter from Lt.O.Donel, Commanding the detachment in Chota Nagpur Detailing his operation against the fortified part of Buctor Sah. The result of which has been very far different from what they had reasonable cause to expect.
9.3.1812 Letter from higgot to E.Parry ,Asst. Collr. Behar asking him to issue carwanuas to the zamidars of Ramgarh and Chota Nagpur for the collection of supplies for the disposeable Ramghur Bat a- consisting of 1600 men including camo followers which will commence its march about the 15th current for Nowagarh in Chota Nagpore.
9.3.1812 Letter to Lt. O.Donel relative to the unsuccessful attack on Nowagur.
9.3.1812 Letter from Capt.B.Roughsedge, commander Ramgur Battn. to comm.Rantoor, to Lt.Col. G.H.Fagan, submitting a report from Lt.O.Donel of an unsuccessful attack.
on the sirongholic of the refractory Zameendar of Nowagur in Chota Nagpur together with a copy of the Captain’s reply.
2.2.1913 Letter from Roughredge to Lt. Sinnock transmitting measures to be adopted for the coprehension of Moondal Sing and Buctour Sahya.
8.3.1813 Letter from Roughsedge,Comd.Ramgur Buttalion to Fagan reporting the complation of the service entrusted to him by the aporhension of Buctoue Sahy and Moondal Sing and their priccipal Sardars on the 7th and 8th instants.
12.3.1813 Letter to Roughsedge informing taht with a view to eventual nostilities of the Rajah of Rewan and his entire subjugation the Detachment at Contaree, reinforced from the troops under his immediate command and from the cavalry of ajor General Wood’s Division is to be employed on that service.
18.3.1913 Letter to Captain Higgot,commander of cantara acquinting that CaptainGraham of 8th N.Cavalry with troop of that Raquiment has been ordered to join the detachment at Oataree.
18.3.1813 Letter from Roughsedge to John Adam Secretary Government describing the obligation he is under to Raja Ranjeet Sing of Jaspur for the aporehension of Buctor Sahy and Moondal Sing, and the other Insurent. Sardars and sliciting for him the banaficial interference of Government with the Raja of Berar in remuneration of the important and hazardous service he has performed.
22.3.1813 Letter from Roughsedge to Fagan relative to his Military operations in Chota Nagpur and Nowadee.
22.3.1813 Letter from Roughsedge to M.Fleming, Magistrate Ramgur informing of his having received an express from Adjutant General containing orders to proceed with all practicable despatch to Ontaree for the purpose of assuming the command of a detachment to be formed there for their employment on service.
A fragmentary letter to Fagan relative to the marching into camp of Ramgarh Battalion on the 11th and Lt.Harrisco detachment on the 12th instant.
23.3.1813 Letter from Adjutant General, Camo Kytan to Ramahridaga relative to the successful termination of the service on which the Captain had been engaged by the Surrender of Buctor Sahy, Moondal sing and their adherents.
8.4.1813 Letter from secretary to Government to Raughsedge relative to the clein which Raja Ranjit Singh. Jashpur possesses to countenarce and support of the British Government.
2.5.1813 Letter from Rougsedge to W.M.Fleming Magisterate Ramgarh relative to oarn of Nawagarh.