Culture & Heritage

Five important places have been identified as archeological heritages in the district.
They include Palkot Fort, Anjandham, Tanginath, Navratnagarh and Catholic Mission Church (Gobindpur).

Palkot Fort is a historic place of the old Nagvanshi rulers and is located in Palkot block of the district.

Anjandham is believed to be the birth place of Lord Hanuman and assumes cultural and tourist importance , 15 km from the district town of Gumla.

Tanginath temple, the ancient Shiva temple and its hill top premises, where there are innumerable lingas and images of deities, is venerated as the seat of the God. It is located on a hill area under Dumri block of the district.

Navratangarh, the seat of old Nagvanshi kings is in Sisai block of the district and has historic significance because the kings there had a link with Mughal emperor Jahangir.

The fifth place identified is an old Catholic Mission Church located at Gobindpur village in remote Albert Ekka block in the district.