Administrative Setup

Gumla town is the district head quarter ,where the office of Deputy Commissioner , Superitendent of police and a district Court is located. Most of the departments have their divisional headquarter at the district headquarter. Gumla district has three Sub-division named Gumla, Basia, Chainpur,which is headed by Sub Divisional Officer. Below Sub-division there are 12 community development Blocks, 11 revenue circles and 11 police stations. The area of Community development Blocks, Revenue Circles and Police Stations coincide with each other. The names of CD Blocks are :-


Deputy Commissioner is the head of all the development institutions of the district . In his supervision and guidance all the development departments are work.

Deputy Development Commissioner is the chief executive officer and coordinator of all the departments in the district . District level committee known as managing committee of D.R.D.A. controls , supervises and give necessary direction to the department . Deputy Commissioner is the chairman and D.D.C. is the vice- chairman of the above committee . 20 points programme is functioning in the district. This committee reviews ,suggests and controls over the departments and all other works. In the district, block is the prime unit of development works .At the block level, B.D.O. has been posted to implement / supervise and control over the department work and Circle officer is also there to look after the work of revenue and development work , if entrusted. The block have been divided in panchayats . The schemes are selected by the panchayats and sent to district administration for administrative approval.

Most of the departments have their divisional headquarter at the district headquarter