During British rule GUMLA was under LOHARDAGA district .In 1843 it was brought under BISHUNPUR province that was further named RANCHI .In fact Ranchi district came into existence in 1899. In 1902 Gumla became Sub-division under Ranchi district. Blessed with natures beauty , the district of Gumla is covered by dense forests, hills and rivers. It is situated in the southwest portion of the Jharkhand State. The District was carved out of Ranchi District on 18th May 1983. The district lies between 22 35 to 23 33 north.

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Area:- 5,327 km2 (2,057 sq mi)           Village:- 952

Population:- 1,025,213                        Panchayats :- 159

Male:- 514,390                                       Language :- HindiSadri,

Female :- 510,823                                                         Kurukhkharia

Deputy Commissioner, Gumla Shri Karn Satyarthi (IAS)

Gumla Map