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Mango, the king of fruits, is not just a delightful treat for the taste buds but also an emblem of tropical abundance. Its production is a fascinating blend of nature’s prowess and human ingenuity, embodying centuries of cultivation practices and modern agricultural advancements. In this essay, we delve into the multifaceted world of mango production, exploring its cultivation, significance, challenges, and the socio-economic impact it bears.

India is the largest producer of mangoes in the world, producing 45-55 % of the Global supply in any given year. There are over 200 varieties of mango and cultivation covers around 35% of total cultivation.

Gumla has warm tropical climate with acidic content in soil and ample presence of barren land. Mango has been planted in 14496.35 acre of land under Birsa Harit Gram Yojna (BHGY) under MGNREGA assistance. The climatic condition in Gumla favours the growth of Amrapali and Mallika varieties.Annualy the district produces 285 MT and marketed locally as well as in the nearby district of Chattisgarh, Odisa and Ranchi etc.

The process starts with seed selection or grafting onto rootstocks to ensure desirable traits. Mango trees require well-drained soil, regular irrigation, and protection from harsh weather conditions. Pruning, fertilization, and pest control are integral practices to maximize yield and quality.

Beyond its delicious taste, mango holds cultural, nutritional, and huge livelihood significance for rural rainfed district like Gumla. It has been observed that a farmer makes around 40-45 profit in one acre orchard. The mango orchard sites are being saturated with solar lift irrigation system for better crop life and to promote intercropping for additional income.

The main mango clusters are of Gumla district Raidih, Ghagra, Palkot, Gumla and Basia.

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