Gumla District – Agriculture

Blessed with nature’s beauty , the district of Gumla is covered by dense forests, hills and rivers. It is situated in the southwest portion of the Jharkhand State. The District was carved out of Ranchi District on 18th May 1983. Previously it was a sub-division of old Ranchi district. The district lies between 22° 35” to 23° 33” north latitude and 84° 40” to 85° 1” east longitude.

The various legends are in currency regarding its name . The most popular one ascribes to its word ‘Gumla’ in Mundari language, which relates to the occupation of the local Tribes in rice processing work (dhan-kutna). The second legend ‘Gau-mela’ relates to cattle fair. Cattle fair was weekly held in Gumla town every Tuesday. In rural areas, Nagpuri and Sadri people still call it ‘gomila’.

Till 30th April 2001, Gumla district consisted on 2 sub-divisions viz Gumla and Simdega. But after the creation of Jharkhand State , a new district of Simdega was carved out of Gumla district on 30th April, 2001. Now, Gumla district consists of only one sub-division namely Gumla. Total area of the district is about 5327 sq. km. The total population of district as per 1991 census is 706489, out of which 355505 is male population and 350984 is female population.There is predominance of tribal people in Gumla district.

The primitive tribe’s population is 11283, SC population is 24329, ST population is 476316, and BC population is 132610 and others population is 61951. Since obvious that the district has a total of 68% of tribal population, therefore ,it comes within scheduled area .