Palkot block is situated at about 26 KM from district headquarter Gumla. It is surrounded by Basia Block at its East, Raidih Block at the west, Gumla Block at the North and Simdega District at its southwest border. This is tribe dominated block. Agriculture is the chief occupation of the villagers. Farmers depend on Monsoon for irrigation. So only KHARIF crops are cultivated. In ancient period it is none as Nagri and pampapuri. This is the capital of king Bali and Sugriv. In epics age Ghorlata was the place for army which they use to hide oneself. At 3 KM from block headquarter. Shitalpur and Malmalpur is two most beautiful picnic spot .It has said that in this cave chilled air follow during summer. It has a beautiful drinking source inside the cave, which is always enriched with water. Gobbarsilli is one of the most Famous tourist places in Palkot. There is a big stone Balanced naturally. It is said that if anyone throws a pebble over the stone & if the stone passes to other side of this rock than he will be the lucky person & God will fulfill his desire. Palkot is also known for bronze utensils. Palkot has an interesting historical background. It can be developed as an important tourist place, which will easily create a great source of income for the people of Palkot as well as for the government.

Palkot Block
Title Value
Total Number of Panchayat 14
Total Number of Villages 73
Total Number of Primary Schools 108
Total Number of Middle Schools 42
Total Number of High Schools 11
Total Number of College 01
Total Population 80859
Total Population of Male 40215
Total Population of Female 40644
Total Population of SC 6533
Total Population of ST 48608
Total number of Literate Male 59.95%
Total number of Literate Female 42.93%
Total number of CSC
Total number of Bank 04
Total number of Government Hospital
Total number of CHC 01
Total number of PHC
Total number of HSC
Total number of ATM
Total number of Post Office
Total number of Thana
Total number of PDS
Total number of Petrol Pumps
Total number of Anganwadi