HAPAMUNI ,a famous and ancient village , is situated in Ghaghara block at about 12 km from the block headquarter on Gumla – Lohardaga road . MAHAMAYA temple that is the identity of this village was constructed by GAJGHAT RAY ,22nd king of NAGA dynasty and the son of RAJA MOHAN RAY . He ruled between 869to 905AD . He handed over the caring of the temple to his GURU HARINATH ,a Rashtrakuta (Marathi) Brahmin .In 1391 AD RAJA SHIVDAS KARN established an image of Lord VISHNU .CHAITANYA MAHAPRABHU(1445-1535AD) had chosen this way during his visit to MATHURA from JAGANNATH PURI at about 1485 A.D. According to Ranchi Gazetteer some tribal people had destroyed the old temple during undisciplined KOLH REBEL against the DIKU. Songs by VIRMU RAM proves this fact.

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