Mahasadashiv Temple

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The Mahasadashiv temple is situated in  of Gumla district of Jharkhand its height is 85 feet and is spread over an area of ​​about 2 acres. Its architecture is basically infused with the Utkal art culture. Apart from Mahasadashiv, the main idol in this temple, 84 other deities made of black stone are also seated. But the biggest feature of this temple is that in it, the main god Shiva is revered in the form of Mahasadashiva, his unique Virat form.

Introduction of Mahasadashiv form of Shiva:- As we know, there are 18 Puranas in Sanatan Dharma, out of which Shiva is described in 10 Puranas. From the study of other religious texts, it is known that there are innumerable forms in the 19 incarnations of Shiva, in which all kinds of human qualities like joy-sadness, forgiveness-anger etc. have been seen from time to time. Shiva has 108 names but some people also believe in 160 names. But there are mainly three forms of Shiva-Shiva, Sadashiva and Mahasadashiva. Mahasadashiv is a symbol of a Virat form who has 26 heads and 52 arms. This is a rare form that is seen in only a few temples in India. This is the first temple of Mahasadashiv ji in Jharkhand. We have installed this figure in our temple also. We hope that the devotees will be blessed by the mere darshan of this grand, colossal form.

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