Sisai block is situated at the east of Gumla .It is 24 km away from Gumla headquarter and 72 km away from Ranchi (Capital of Jharkhand State). Its east border has Ranchi west has Gumla, North has Ghaghra and south has Palkot block. Rivers, brooks, and forest like other blocks of Jharkhand also surround it. Nagar is situated at 9 km of Sisai block .It is famous due the existence of God Shiv Temple and Nagwanshi fort . It is said that CHHOTANAGPUR name of this region is given on the name of the Nagwanshi King as he was selected by the people (small son � CHHOTA, NAG – Vansh ). Nagfeni , which is famous for its natural beauty, & �RATH MELA� is situated in middle of Gumla & Sisai. Villager�s main occupation is agriculture and fishing. They also make forest produce goods likeTokri, Sup. etc.

Sisai Block
Title Value
Total Number of Panchayat 18
Total Number of Villages 88
Total Number of Primary  Schools 92
Total Number of Middle Schools 47
Total Number of High Schools 12
Total Number of College 01
Total Population 116844
Total Population of Male 58427
Total Population of Female 58417
Total Population of SC 1221
Total Population of ST 75208
Total number of Literate Male 22846
Total number of Literate Female 33250
Total number of CSC
Total number of Bank
Total number of Government Hospital
Total number of CHC
Total number of PHC
Total number of HSC
Total number of ATM
Total number of Post Office
Total number of Thana
Total number of PDS
Total number of Petrol Pumps
Total number of Anganwadi