Tanginath is a place having several architectural works in its lap since the ancient era to the medieval era . It is not hidden but seems to be deprived of the eyes of the archeological society of India . It is an important place of archeological importance and must be brought into a subject of research . It is famous as SHIVASTHALI and is famous for great TRISHOOL of rustproof iron TANGINATH lies in Dumri block in Gumla district . It is at about 50kms away from Gumla headquarter and 8km from Dumri. One can reach Dumri easily but afterwards the path is not easy. There are several brooks and brooklets in between Dumri and Tanginath that remain filled with water during rainy season and make the mudway difficult . TANGINATH is situated on a hill about 300 feet high .After rainy season one may reach here without any difficulty . It is advisable to go by own vehicle for easy convenience .During MAHASHIVARATRI several buses run from Gumla to Tanginath . It is a place of religious as well as historical importance . he history of NAGVANSHI kings of Chhotanagpur , RUXELVANSHI kings of Surguja ,and that of BARWE kingdom has been written here . It is spread in an area of about 10000 square meter .the stone images of lord VISHNU, SURYA, LUXMI, BHAWANI and countless number of other deities are lying in open .Hundreds of SHIWALINGAS are placed here and there . Some images are still unidentified .Some believe that they are lord BUDHA .The main temple of lord SHIVA ,The great TRISHOOL buried in the ground, The sun temple ,The SURYA KUND are of great attraction .A number of SHIVLINGAS that are lying here are supposed to be of lord BUDHA’S period .

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How to Reach:

By Air

New Delhi to Ranchi or Kolkata to Ranchi

By Train

New Delhi to Ranchi or Kolkata to Ranchi

By Road

Ranchi to Tanginath Via Gumla or Dumri